An organization of professional individuals in the security and fraud job functions servicing in the Business Process Outsourcing or Call Center Industry.


  • To be an internationally-recognized body in the Business Process Outsource (BPO) and Contact Center (CC) Security Industry.


  • Promote collaboration with BPO and CC Industry stakeholders and establish protection of common interests.
  • Collectively work on the enhancement of currently accepted security management systems and procedures and be the exemplary advocates of security management systems and best practices in the CC Industry.
  • Be a digital leader by taking an active role in the development of cutting edge technology that will elevate the entire security industry standards
  • Fortify strategies for handling physical and logical information and reduce level of risk of operational activities in the BPO and CC industry


BPO  Security Council aim to add value to each members by:

  • Keeping members abreast on the latest trends and threats in the industry through bulletins and notifications.
  • Establishing industry standards and best practices that will promote compliance to all available domestic and international laws relating to CC operation and BPO services.
  • Represent the Council to be heard and influence support for the common security concerns of its members and firms from BPO/CC Industry stakeholders, legislative and other international law-making bodies.
  • Advancing the competencies of our security partners through education, training and certifications.
  • Creating an opportunity for career advancement.


BOD Committee


Technical Working Committee or Governance Committee

This committee is responsible for the health and functioning of the board. It recruits new members, conducts orientation, produces board materials, and evaluates the performance of the board itself. This committee, staffed by the Chairman, is arguably the most important of the three. It is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the current board and for recruiting tomorrow’s leaders.

Internal Affairs Committee

All internal and operational issues-including those related to finance, human resources, and facilities-are handled by this committee which is staffed by the Director of HR.

External Affairs Committee

All external issues-including public relations and marketing are the responsibility of this committee, which is staffed by the Development Director.


Technical Working Committee

Sub Committee POCs


Internal Affairs Committee

Sub Committee POCs


External Affairs Committee

Sub Committee POCs